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A Message from the President

Springs Charter Schools have blazed a noteworthy trail across California and indeed, across America over the past twenty years. The excellent leaders, educators, and staff of this great institution have worked relentlessly to provide a personalized education for students, as well as for families to participate in and have a greater impact on their children’s education.


The formation of Summit Springs Educational Foundation is yet another first in a long series of innovations at Springs Charter Schools.

Only through the generous donations from our sponsors, we are able to enhance the lives of so many deserving students and staff. We appreciate the help and support of all our generous donors.

Steaven Chan

About Us

The Summit Springs Educational Foundation was established to support the students and staff in the Springs Charter Schools network. Each year the Foundation awards competitive scholarships to students who wish to further their education at a university, college, or trade school, as well as grants to teachers and staff who embody the school’s mission and values and go the extra mile in their service.


In the state of California traditional public schools have the benefit of full funding per student and a facility provided for them.  However, public charter schools, like Springs, are not funded at the same level as traditional public schools. Charter schools are called upon to produce better outcomes with less money, and in most cases, are required to provide for their own school facilities, often creating a considerable funding deficit. This is where the Summit Springs Educational Foundation can help.


Your contribution to the Summit Springs Educational Foundation will supplement personalized learning and innovation programs and will contribute to capital campaigns for critically needed facilities and equipment. Your generous gift to the Foundation will be a tremendous blessing for all the students and staff at Springs Charter Schools.  

Summit Springs Educational Foundation is a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID# 47-2116248.

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