Summit Springs Educational Foundation was established as a nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation to raise funds to support the students and staff in the Springs Charter Schools network. The Foundation awards competitive scholarships to students who are furthering their education at a college, university, or trade school and also grants awards to teachers and staff who embody the school’s mission and vision. The Foundation’s first two student scholarships were awarded in June of 2016 at the Crystal Jubilee Dinner that took place at Monteleone Meadows. The Board members of the foundation look forward to awarding additional scholarships each year as well as recognizing teachers and staff with future awards.

A message from the President:

Springs Charter Schools have blazed a noteworthy trail across California and indeed, across America over the past fifteen years. The excellent leaders, educators and staff of this great institution have worked relentlessly to provide a personalized education for students, as well as for families to participate in and have a greater impact on their children’s education.

The recent formation of Summit Springs Educational Foundation is yet another first in a long series of innovations at Springs Charter Schools. The Foundation exists to raise money to provide scholarships and grants to deserving students, teachers and support staff who demonstrate excellence in their studies and work. It is only through the generous donations from our sponsors that we are able to enhance the lives of so many deserving people.

Louis Fetherolf, President
Summit Springs Educational Foundation